Es, Charlie and I worked on a theme for the design of hereafter that looked to complement the six artists contributions.
In February 2019, Charlie Ashwell and Es Morgan were in residence at LADA’s Study Room, reading, writing and talking with fellow artists: Season Butler, Alexandrina Hemsley, Joseph Morgan Schofield and Sara Sassanelli.
From these discussions, they created hereafter, a collection of 6 texts borrowing from fiction, poetry, essay and manifesto. The texts engage with a variety of ideas including:
Non-linear time, parallel universes, speculative performance, ASMR, tarot, divination, fabulation, abolitionisms, grey zones, rewritten histories, remembered futures, coping mechanisms, partially fleshed-out plans, collective dreaming, ‘progress’, best-case scenarios, and the endless tension between critiquing and proposing alternatives.​​​​​​​